Sustainable development

Sustainable development is an important and continual part of our work towards ensuring a strong and vibrant future for our business, employees and communities.

Sustainable development is integrated into all aspects of Bell Bay Aluminium, including our business, people, health & safety, environment and community performance.

We use multiple tools, procedures and management systems to ensure our operations are appropriately managed to maximise our contribution to sustainable development. Our activities are reinforced by our policies on health, safety, environment, communities, diversity and inclusion, transparency and business integrity.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Business performance: We work together with colleagues, partners and communities to deliver the products our customers need. We learn from each other to improve our performance and achieve success: being the best we can be for superior performance.
  • People: We recognise that our employees are key to our future success. We are committed to supporting the development of our employees and to nurture their skills, wellbeing and career goals. We foster inclusion and embrace diversity.
  • Health & Safety: Our highest priority is the health and safety of our employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors to our site. Improving our safety performance is a constant focus to ensure everyone goes home safely to their family after each shift.
  • Environment: Bell Bay Aluminium works according to strict environmental management practices designed to mitigate the emissions, waste and resource use of our operations. We have the courage and commitment to do the right thing.
  • Community: Bell Bay Aluminium is committed to building enduring relationships built on mutual respect, actively working collaboratively and in partnership with our community to make a real difference in our area.

Sustainable Development Report

We produce an annual Sustainable Development Report for the Tasmanian community, our employees and other stakeholders to understand more about our operations, impacts and key improvements.

We believe it is important to be transparent about how we operate, our progress and the challenges we face in this area.

Sustainable Development Report 2022

Old Reports

Social and economic baseline and impact assessments

We undertake socio-economic baseline and impact assessments to build an understanding of the social, economic, and demographic trends within the communities surrounding the smelter. This data informs our community engagement, investment and broader business planning processes and helps us understand our contribution to communities at the local, regional, and state levels.

Social and Economic Baseline and Impact Assessment Summary 2021