Reestablishing ecosystems


Our approach to sustainability is guided by our purpose of finding better ways to provide the materials the world needs.

Bell Bay Aluminium’s reputation as a sustainable business relies on our ability to protect people from harm, actively engage with our communities, and to demonstrate sound environmental management practices and stewardship of our natural resources.

To meet our goals, we are focused on world-leading health, safety and wellbeing practices, a forward-thinking environmental approach, and continuous improvement for a bright future.

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Our number one goal

The health and safety of our employees and other people working at or visiting our site is our highest priority. We are committed to achieving our goal of zero work-related illnesses and injuries.

Health, safety & wellbeing

Protecting the environment

We are responsive to changing environmental challenges and values, ensuring that we meet and where possible exceed increasing community expectations of environmental performance.


A shared future

Sustainable development is an important and continual part of our work towards ensuring a strong and vibrant future for our business, employees and communities.

Sustainable development