20 July 2023

Supporting women artists


Supporting women artists

Bell Bay Aluminium and Regional Arts Network Tasmania (RANT) are delighted to announce and congratulate recipients of the inaugural Women’s Art Prize Tasmania’s Fellowship Program. Congratulations to:

  • Luana Towney - lutruwita Fellowship
  • Indea Quinn - Emerging Practice Fellowship
  • Emma Bugg - Creative Development Fellowship

The three recipients receive $5,000 each and were selected from a highly competitive field of women artists, cultural practitioners and art workers from across Tasmania.

The Women’s Art Prize Tasmania Fellowship program aims to provide self-directed development opportunities for Tasmanian women artists of all art forms and career stages. These fellowships build upon the Prize’s mission to empower and build the capacity of women artists across the state. This new and exciting pilot program draws upon recent sector consultation highlighting the importance and need of targeted development support.

Bell Bay Aluminium has supported this Prize for over 20 years. We are delighted to support the inaugural fellowships and are proud to support women artists, cultural practitioners and arts workers in Tasmania to enrich and build their creative and cultural practice in a tangible and meaningful way.