15 September 2014

Students Crash! Bang! Recycle! At Mini Tso In George Town

The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (TSO) and Bell Bay Aluminium are delighted to announce Crash! Bang! Recycle!, an instrument-making competition open to students attending the mini TSO concerts in George Town on Friday September 5, at 10:30am and 11:45am.

Sponsored by Bell Bay Aluminium Crash! Bang! Recycle! challenges students to make a percussion instrument out of recycled aluminium.

The concerts will be attended by students from Port Dalrymple School, Star of the Sea Catholic College, Beaconsfield, South George Town, Exeter and Bridport Primary Schools. The TSO concerts are free, thanks to the generous support of Bell Bay Aluminium.

Students will be invited to play along with the orchestra on their aluminium instrument, and two winners will be chosen at each concert by TSO Principal Percussion, Gary Wain. Prizes will include TSO CDs and gift vouchers.