19 August 2020

Local Health Speak podcast to build resilience during COVID-19


Local Health Speak podcast to build resilience during COVID-19

A new series of Health Speak podcasts hosted by Healthy Tasmania Pty Ltd as part of the George Town Council’s Healthy George Town initiative will focus on helping community members be resilient during COVID-19 conditions.

Funded through a $10,000 partnership between Bell Bay Aluminium and George Town Council, a series of five special episodes focuses on supporting community members to re- enter the world with the key skills they need to live well during a pandemic.

The partnership is one of a number of major investments the smelter has supported in the George Town municipality as part of a US$25 million commitment Rio Tinto has made to support communities around the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery, through its Partnership to Progress program.

Bell Bay Aluminium general manager Shona Markham said, “We are delighted to support this series of podcasts in partnership with the George Town Council. People are craving information that will support and help them through this pandemic and they want it from a trusted source like Healthy Tasmania’s Creative Director and host of Health Speak, Penny Terry.

“As well as talking to experts, Penny has been out in our local community and into businesses to see what people are doing to deal with this pandemic, as we all do our best to live through and recover from it. I am looking forward to listening to this new series for some tips from the experts.”

Designed to provide listeners with a “COVID kit“ of life skills to live well during the pandemic, each episode shares real stories and practical tips to help community members cope with change; including managing stress and blame, creating healthy habits and dropping bad ones, managing new processes and supporting others well, reducing loneliness, and even how to manage pandemic-exhaustion.

Host Penny Terry said, “This podcast is like being given a list of the best life-hacks for living through a pandemic. It has been incredible to hear community members share their experiences, thoughts and challenges so honestly and openly, it is the stuff we do not usually get to hear. When combined with some simple tips from the experts, this podcast is an interesting, easy and fun way to work out what life skills will truly be useful right now”.

George Town Mayor Greg Kieser said, “Funded by Council in April at the height of the pandemic, the initial Health Speak podcast delivered enormous benefits to our community at a time of great uncertainty. It recorded excellent listener reach across our municipality and the State. Council believes the next instalment of Health Speak podcasts funded by Bell Bay Aluminium will be extremely valuable to listeners, in what we hope will continue to be the recovery stage of the pandemic in Tasmania.”

Series three of Health Speak launches on Thursday, 20 August.

Link to Season three trailer here

Link to apple podcasts here

For further information, please contact:

Lou Clark, principal advisor, Communities & Communication
Bell Bay Aluminium
Mobile: +61 (0) 419 326 023