24 October 2022

Hosting Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Competition


Hosting Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Competition

The 34th annual Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Competition (TMERC) was held at Bell Bay Aluminium on 22 October 2022. Emergency Response teams from mine and smelter sites across the state competed in a range of events involving both theory and simulated emergency situations.

The event engages site-based Emergency Response teams in friendly rivalry, allowing sites to test their skills, learn from industry experts and build a community in which to learn, share and support each other. The event includes team challenges in rope rescue, fire, search and rescue, first aid, skills and theory. This is the second time we have had the honour of hosting the competition, the last time being in 2016.

Each year, our Emergency Response team members nominate to be considered for our competition team, which is put together based on experience, passion and those who go above and beyond.

With the competition providing a major learning opportunity, our team was excited to participate, improve on skills from last year and learn something new.

Congratulations to the Bell Bay Aluminium 2022 team:

  • Geoff Skeggs – Team Manager
  • Craig Burrows – Captain
  • Kylie Sherriff – Vice-Captain
  • Robert Leersen – Member
  • Robert Taylor – Member
  • Tim Jacobs – Member
  • Ben Lette – Member
  • Josh Van Arkel – Reserve

Each year, an additional TMERC team—known as the Mutual Aid team—is selected to compete, made up of team members from each competing site. The Mutual Aid team faces the additional challenge of working with strangers to achieve a safe outcome in the challenges. For the first time, the Mutual Aid team comprised of all women: Bell Bay Aluminium were excited to have Kelindi Hanson and Kristy Wilkinson represent us.

Congratulations to the overall winner of the competition, the TMERC Mutual Aid Team. The Bell Bay Aluminium team were also strong competitors, winning the Surface Search and Rescue category and placing third overall.