19 May 2022

Finalists at the Tasmanian Women in Resources & Manufacturing Awards


Finalists at the Tasmanian Women in Resources & Manufacturing Awards

Process Operator and Relief Crew Leader, Erin O’Connor, and Process Operator, Jayna Aitken, were recognised as finalists for Outstanding Tradeswoman/ Operator/Technician in the 2022 Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing & Energy Council’s Women in Resources & Manufacturing Awards.

Erin joined Bell Bay Aluminium in 2020 and after only 12 months was promoted to Relief Crew Leader. Erin brings a personalised approach to her leadership style with a positive outlook.

Jayna joined Bell Bay Aluminium in 2019 at the age of 19 and has relished in the opportunities to develop new skills and establish her career path. A Relief Crew Leader for over 12 months, Jayna has learnt that you need a mix of qualities to be a leader. At the Launceston awards presentation ceremony in May, Jayna received a high commendation in her category.

Potlines Superintendent, Josh Clark, was named a finalist for the Inclusion and Diversity Champion Award— and went on to win. This award recognises an individual of any sex or gender identity for excellence in the encouragement, promotion and advocacy for the attraction, retention, inclusion and promotion of women within their company and/ or the Australian resources sector.

Joining Bell Bay Aluminium six years ago, Josh recognised the opportunity to lead change and create equity in the workplace. He has been a strong advocate for females in leadership positions, ongoing development opportunities, and has advocated for improved maternity support for employees. Following his award win, Josh will represent Tasmania at the National Awards in Canberra later in the year.