21 October 2015

F1 in Schools Competition Revs Up!

Ulverstone High School, Queechy High School and Kings Meadows High School, will battle it out in the F1 in Schools competition on Thursday 22 September at the Door of Hope, Launceston.

Teams of between three to five students from Years 7-12 will use real world Three Dimensional CAD/CAM technologies to design, test, manufacture and race miniature CO2-powered balsa wood Formula 1 cars.

Students use the same technology as currently used by the real F1 teams and vehicle manufacturers to design, make, market and test and race their miniature F1 style cars. The gas-powered cars are capable of speeds exceeding 80 kilometres per hour and can cover the track in less than 1.5 seconds.

Teams will be assessed against set criteria including engineering, car speed, technical portfolio, industry collaboration and verbal presentations.

Bell Bay Aluminium, in partnership with Re-Engineering Australia, established the innovative program in Northern Tasmania in 2008 as a way of introducing students to the world of engineering and manufacturing-related trades and professions.

This exciting competition exposes students to 3D modelling, virtual wind tunnels, graphic design, project management, fund raising, computer-aided manufacturing, marketing, sponsorship, presentations skills and team work.

The competition is the largest secondary school technology program in the world, involving more than 9,000,000 students from 17,000 schools in 31 countries. Northern Tasmanian schools have a strong history of success in F1 in Schools.

Winners will be announced by Bell Bay Aluminium and Re-Engineering Australia from 3-4pm on Thursday 22 October following the completion of the competition. The winning teams will represent Tasmania at the National Championships to be held in early 2015.

Additionally Ulverstone High School's Team Endeavour will showcase their pit display and car from the F1 in Schools World Finals recently held in Singapore. Endeavour finished 15th out of 47 schools that competed at the 2015 World Final.