28 May 2015

Bell Bay Aluminium releases 2014 sustainable development report

Bell Bay Aluminium released its annual Sustainable Development Report for 2014 this week, capturing the site's success in protecting its people from harm, community contribution and, environmental performance and investment in ongoing business transformation to forge a solid future.

General Manager, Ray Mostogl praised the hard work of the 1,500 employees, contractors and suppliers who have made the ongoing viability of BBA possible.

"The determination to relentlessly pursue further opportunities throughout 2014 is a real credit to all involved. It has made a difference and importantly has laid a foundation for opportunities in 2015 and beyond which were unimaginable two years ago," Ray said.

Bell Bay has continued to meet and exceed the community expectations of its environmental performance by not recording a single environmental incident in 2014 and achieving a fourth consecutive year of zero occupational diseases.

The smelter mirrored this excellence in its productivity, setting a new production record in 2014 of 190,000 tonnes sold.

Ray however acknowledged the need to improve upon Bell Bay Aluminium's safety result, with six injuries recorded last year: "These results only motivate us to be more effective as we strive for zero injuries in our workplace," Ray said.

Ray also recognised the support of Tasmania's State and Federal representatives in seeking policy reform to remove regulatory burdens and ensure positive outcomes for BBA.

As the smelter approaches its 60th birthday in September, the report praised the work of all those who have contributed to its successes with an eye to the future generation continuing their legacy.

View the report (PDF 3.3 MB)