Launceston City Council

Launceston Aquatic and the Phenomena Factory at QVMAG, Inveresk are two of the cornerstones of a unique community partnership between Bell Bay Aluminiumn and Launceston City Council that focuses on three key areas:

  • Community health and well-being
  • Climate change
  • Science education

Promoting and encouraging community health and well-being through the use of Launceston Aquatic,  a state of the art recreation facility, is just one of the ways that Bell Bay Aluminium and Launceston City Council are committed to working together for the benefit of the city and the region.

Phenomena Factory  at QVMAG, Inveresk offers children (and adults) of all ages more than fifty science experiences and the best concentration of science education in the State.

Established in 2008, Bell Bay Aluminium generously contributed more than $200,000 and actively participated in the planning and development of the Phenomena Factory. Phenomena Factory is open 10 am to 5pm daily at QVMAG Inveresk.

Bell Bay Aluminium has also staged a number of tree planting days in partnership with Launceston City Council and local schools at Rocherlea and Tailrace Park in Launceston.

Our tree planting project with Launceston City Council is an initiative to get local students involved in helping the environment with a particular focus on sustainability.

Swamp ti-trees are a nationally threatened community and this initiative forms part of Bell Bay Aluminium's Biodiversity Action Plan. Once common in the Tamar Valley, swamp ti-trees are now present in small but disjointed patches. Bell Bay Aluminium has donated healthy seedlings from locally sourced seed for the tree planting days and it is hoped this work with Launceston City Council will help to re-establish these communities.