With a long and proud history of supporting the Tasmanian community, Bell Bay Aluminium provides assistance in the form of community grants, a community assistance program and a number of strategic community partnerships focused on edcuation, health and well being and the environment.

Community Consultation

Bell Bay Aluminium is committed to building positive relationships with the Tasmanian community that are characterised by two way consultation, mutual respect, active partnership, trust, transparency and long term commitment. We value community feedback as it helps us to continuously improve our approach, our work, and better align our programs with community expectations. We strive to provide greater transparency in the way we conduct our business and engage with our communities.  

Community Assistance Program

Bell Bay Aluminium's community assistance program provides financial and in-kind support for eligible community groups and organisations, programs and/or projects which align with the companies policies and values.

Requests for support should represent opportunities that can demonstrate one or more of the following: 

  • a strong commitment to sustainable development principles
  • educational excellence, particularly in the fields of science,technology, engineering and maths
  • building community capacity 
  • promotion of health and well being
  • the arts and cultural diversity

The program operates on a calendar year basis.  Available funding is determined each year in line with our community relations plan.  Assistance can be financial or in-kind.

How to Apply

Requests for assistance must be in writing and should be submitted to:
Lou Clark
Community Relations Specialist
Bell Bay Aluminium
Post Office Box 290
George Town  TAS 7253