Community Consultation

With a long and proud history of supporting the Tasmanian community, Bell Bay Aluminium provides assistance in the form of community grants, a community assistance program and a number of strategic community partnerships focused on edcuation, health and well being and the environment.

Community Consultation and Complaints

Bell Bay Aluminium is committed to building positive relationships with the Tasmanian community that are characterised by two way consultation, mutual respect, active partnership, trust, transparency and long term commitment. We regularly communicates with a range of stakeholders about business performance and issues of mutual interest.

We value community feedback as it helps us to continuously improve our approach, our work, and better align our programs with community expectations. We strive to provide greater transparency in the way we conduct our business and engage with our communities. Our business welcomes feedback from the community and encourages the public to report any concerns or complaints that arise as a direct consequence of our operations. 

All complaints will be taken seriously and actioned in a timely manner that is respectful and considerate to the complainant and the general community. Any complaints should be directed to the principal advisor Communities and Communication by email or  by calling 6382 5129