Bell Bay Aluminium Community Grants

Bell Bay Aluminium has a long history of supporting Tasmanians and the Tasmanian community. Our annual Community Grants program aims to provide financial support by directing community grant funds to organisations, groups and initiatives that impact the Tasmanian community in key social, environmental and economic focus areas. Identification of key focus areas ensures that funds have an impact where needed most.

The Grants Program focuses investment across several key focus areas informed by socioeconomic data and community plans aligned to Bell Bay Aluminium’s values and objectives.

Organisations, groups and initiatives applying for funding from the Program will operate with a focus on having a positive impact in the community under one or more of the key focus areas.Applicants should select the area or areas that most closely align with their organisation’s purpose, values, objectives and ethos.

Applicants may select as many focus areas as are relevant, but will be required to explain how their organisation or project initiative meets the eligibility criteria under the selected focus area or areas.

The key focus areas are:

  • Education
  • Enviironment
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Culture & Heritage
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Economic

Funding assistance will be available each year calendar year. 

All applications are assessed by an Employee  Panel. All applications in relation to the final decision, will be reviewed and assessed against set criteria.The panel's decision will be final.

Applications are closed for 2021.  Click on this link to access the grant criteria.